single Crust Pie

Something i found challenging in this lab was the actual filling. we made it from scratch and it was really liquid and we couldn’t get a nice stiff filling. So when it came time to cute the pie in half and share it was taking the crust then pouring the filling into the bowl to make a soup.

One thing that went well was the flavor of the filling the little bit of fresh lemon zest made that tangy flavor and the crust was crisp and flaky. it actually turned out well despite the liquid filling.

One thing i would do differently on the photo is not take it at an angle and maybe get a little lower so we can see the depth of the whip cream mountains in the pie.

One thing i did well in the photo was the background went well with the yellow of the pie and didn’t take over color wise and helped the yellow pop.


Puff Pastery Sweet


Something that was challenging about the lab was i wasn’t actually there for the shaping of the dough or baking so i didn’t know what struggle went on for my partner.

One thing that went well on the lab was my partner Lyndsey she made everything beautifully the filling was really done well and they healed there shape really well.

One thing i would do differently on the lab was be there and help my partner out more and be able to say hey look at what i made and they turned out great.

One thing that went well on the photo was the black and white plate it was so simple and yet had a great effect on the plate. the way she stacked the pinwheels on each other to give it depth works great.

One thing i would do differently on the photo and is maybe get a different angle on the pinwheels one that we wouldn’t see sitting right in front of it.



Something i found challenging on the puff pastry for the sweet was the actual fruit. in pictures you see a strawberry and it is juicy looking and fresh and you are like dang that is a fine looking strawberry but when we cooked it like the recipe said it came out looking shriveled and unappetizing and it didn’t look like i wanted it to look like.

Something i did well on the lab was the actual shaping of the danish. The way they baked helped the shape of the danish look ten times better and each shape was a little easier as i got conferable working with the dough and shaping it.

Something i would do differently on the lab would be not put the strawberries on for the full length maybe the last few moments or after they have come out of the oven to give the strawberries a nice non dry look.

Something that went well  in the photo was the way the different danish’s went together and filled the plate nicely. The dark brown plate really helped the gold coloring of the danish’s.

Something i would do differently on the photo is maybe have it not as blurry so we can really capture the crisp, flaky and golden color of the danish’s.

puff pastery savory


One thing i found hard in making the puff pastry was braiding the dough onto the actual sausage. things wouldn’t want to fold together and the dough would get to warm so you would have to stop cool it and start again.

One thing i did well on the lab was the actual sausage i had added a bunch of random seasoning i thought would taste good and in the end it had so much flavor in it and i wanted more just so i could have the sausage.

One thing i would do differently in the lab i would have a cold marble slab and soak my hand =s in cold water so my puff pastry doesn’t heat up as fast.

One thing i did well on the photo was getting the layers of the actual pastry and yet get that nice golden brown that we got on the top for cooking them just the right amount of time. you can see the seasoning on  the sausage and little flakes of the pastry.

Something i would do differently is maybe have a little more of the picture blurred an d have a really nice crisp shot of the pastry and the sausage



The religious perspective inn the pretzel was children praying they look a little like that.

it gives them a glossy look and kinda gives you a little almond taste in the end. When ever you get a soft pretzel no matter where it always is glossy and that is what makes a pretzel a pretzel.






Things that improved from my first egg to my last: dedication is the main thing that changed, on my first egg i just wanted it to be done so i could do more but i realized that taking longer and putting all my effort in was rewarding in the end,. Coloring of the eggs ended up better i went from two colors to multiple colors and then bleaching them.A trick i learned was practices practice until you are confidant in that design because if you mess up you will have to work with it and it can sometimes wreck your plan.

Why i chose the colors and pictures: EGG 1 The egg on the top left i chose flowers more specifically roses because they represent caring and love, blue for good health, purple for faith and patience cause i need a lot of that, yellow for happiness and youth which i am and green for me leaving high school and get a sense of freedom.

EGG 2 the top right egg i chose a sun on the top for life and growth and colored that yellow for happiness and youth, the boarder around the egg separating all the images is the crown of thrones that was placed on Jesus head right before the crucifixion  to represent my faith and colored it brown for earth cause thrones are from the earth. next was the evergreens which symbolize eternal youth because no matter how old i get i will still be a child in my heart and oak means strength and i needed strength this year in being who i was and green because leaves are green and represents my freedom of letting toxic people out. Fish for Christianity which is who i am and colored it purple for patience with people trust in my faith.

EGG 3 the bottom left egg i chose a rose for the top for my caring and loving of others and colored it red for love, joy and hope which are words i use to describe me. the ribbon i chose was a traditional pattern i just kinda butchered it a little chose the red for marriage and pink for contentment for when i get married it will be a joyful marriage and i will be content. i chose oak for strength and evergreens for health that i will be strong and healthy in my life and colored them green cause that is a normal leaf color and that symbolize a new life for me. i covered it in black to fill any space to remember my family i lost.

EGG 4 the bottom right one was one of my practice eggs when i was just practicing and getting the hang of it, i wanted to include it to show how i got better and improved in my skill.

On a traditional egg you might see windmills which symbolizes good wishes for your harvest. maybe even fruit which isn’t commonly used any more and are considered an old design and meanders or ribbons to separate designs and look cool



For my main dish it was the brownie and i covered the top of the brownie with the garnish because i didn’t like how the top turned out.

For my sauce i used caramel sauce and to add a little something to make it interesting i added a few drops of chocolate sauce.

My garnish was a little different because i really liked he classic raspberries and mint leaves but it didn’t stand out against the brownie and the caramelized sugar well enough so i added a bloop of whip cream.

My crunch was caramelized sugar that was shaped like a bowl but ended up being just a pile of broken pieces for the brownie to sit on.
I had a goal of the brownie looking like something you would get at a five star restaurant, with the bowl of sugar a warm brownie drizzled in caramel sauce and topped with a nice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I had two make two major changes to my dish, the first was my crunch i had made a bowl made out of melted sugar and as i went to put it on my plate i must of did it too hard and it broke into a lot of pieces and i had to use it some how so i piled all the pieces into a circle and put the brownie on top to hid most of the sugar. The second thing i had to change was my garnish, the caramel was suppose to be circles getting smaller in size the further away you got from the brownie but it had ran together to make a connected oddly shaped cylinder. I was thinking how to fix it and i saw putting a few drops in the caramel and joining them together from a nail art tutorial and i ended up liking it.

Double Crust pies

apr 10 367

Something I found challenging: getting the crust on the middle to cook. the edges and the little flower cooked well but the crust directly on the filling wouldn’t cook fully.

Something i did well on: The braiding and the weaving of the pie crust i feel was the thing i did well on even though it either overcooked or was under cooked.

Something i did well in the photo: The pink background helped the color of the crust popped.

Something i would do differently: I would go for a different angle to capture the depth of the crust and an angle we would normally see if it was put in front of us. And if i were doing flowers again use colors that will compliment the pie to its fullest capacity.


Cinnamon Buns



One thing I did well in the photo:  One thing I feel like I did well is I captured a different angle so it makes everything 3d and it captures form well, with a little shape also.

One thing I did well in the lab: We drizzled corn syrup all over it so it cooked well but didn’t burn. the edges or tops didn’t burn they stayed a nice golden colour which really helped in the photo.

One thing I would do differently in the lab: I would add alitlle less cinnamon because I found that the cinnamon toke away from the dough and the drizzle.

One thing I would do differently in the photo: I would take out the apple heart because at the angle I toke the picture at you don’t get to see the full shape of the heart.

How are two elemets of design are used: With the cinnamon bun, cinnamon sticks, pecans and the apple heart I get form because the photo wasn’t taken from the top to make everything look 2D instead of 3D. the colors complement each other well the golden cinnamon bun to the brown pecans, cinnamon and pecans and that little bit of white drizzle to make it pop


One thing I did well on the lab: One thing I did well was working with my partner. We had great communication. We didn’t have a recipe for the garlic bread scones so we just kinda guessed the amounts And they tasted great.

One thing I did well on my photo: The angle that I toke the photo you can see the parmesan and oregano well, you can kind of see though bumpy but smooth texture of the scone

One thing I would do differently: I would maybe add a little more garlic maybe fresh and the powder, so we can have a little more garlicky scone. and remember to add baking soda cause we kind of forgot. but they still rised okay just toke a little longer to cook.