Something i found challenging on the puff pastry for the sweet was the actual fruit. in pictures you see a strawberry and it is juicy looking and fresh and you are like dang that is a fine looking strawberry but when we cooked it like the recipe said it came out looking shriveled and unappetizing and it didn’t look like i wanted it to look like.

Something i did well on the lab was the actual shaping of the danish. The way they baked helped the shape of the danish look ten times better and each shape was a little easier as i got conferable working with the dough and shaping it.

Something i would do differently on the lab would be not put the strawberries on for the full length maybe the last few moments or after they have come out of the oven to give the strawberries a nice non dry look.

Something that went well  in the photo was the way the different danish’s went together and filled the plate nicely. The dark brown plate really helped the gold coloring of the danish’s.

Something i would do differently on the photo is maybe have it not as blurry so we can really capture the crisp, flaky and golden color of the danish’s.


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