Things that improved from my first egg to my last: dedication is the main thing that changed, on my first egg i just wanted it to be done so i could do more but i realized that taking longer and putting all my effort in was rewarding in the end,. Coloring of the eggs ended up better i went from two colors to multiple colors and then bleaching them.A trick i learned was practices practice until you are confidant in that design because if you mess up you will have to work with it and it can sometimes wreck your plan.

Why i chose the colors and pictures: EGG 1 The egg on the top left i chose flowers more specifically roses because they represent caring and love, blue for good health, purple for faith and patience cause i need a lot of that, yellow for happiness and youth which i am and green for me leaving high school and get a sense of freedom.

EGG 2 the top right egg i chose a sun on the top for life and growth and colored that yellow for happiness and youth, the boarder around the egg separating all the images is the crown of thrones that was placed on Jesus head right before the crucifixion  to represent my faith and colored it brown for earth cause thrones are from the earth. next was the evergreens which symbolize eternal youth because no matter how old i get i will still be a child in my heart and oak means strength and i needed strength this year in being who i was and green because leaves are green and represents my freedom of letting toxic people out. Fish for Christianity which is who i am and colored it purple for patience with people trust in my faith.

EGG 3 the bottom left egg i chose a rose for the top for my caring and loving of others and colored it red for love, joy and hope which are words i use to describe me. the ribbon i chose was a traditional pattern i just kinda butchered it a little chose the red for marriage and pink for contentment for when i get married it will be a joyful marriage and i will be content. i chose oak for strength and evergreens for health that i will be strong and healthy in my life and colored them green cause that is a normal leaf color and that symbolize a new life for me. i covered it in black to fill any space to remember my family i lost.

EGG 4 the bottom right one was one of my practice eggs when i was just practicing and getting the hang of it, i wanted to include it to show how i got better and improved in my skill.

On a traditional egg you might see windmills which symbolizes good wishes for your harvest. maybe even fruit which isn’t commonly used any more and are considered an old design and meanders or ribbons to separate designs and look cool


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