puff pastery savory


One thing i found hard in making the puff pastry was braiding the dough onto the actual sausage. things wouldn’t want to fold together and the dough would get to warm so you would have to stop cool it and start again.

One thing i did well on the lab was the actual sausage i had added a bunch of random seasoning i thought would taste good and in the end it had so much flavor in it and i wanted more just so i could have the sausage.

One thing i would do differently in the lab i would have a cold marble slab and soak my hand =s in cold water so my puff pastry doesn’t heat up as fast.

One thing i did well on the photo was getting the layers of the actual pastry and yet get that nice golden brown that we got on the top for cooking them just the right amount of time. you can see the seasoning on  the sausage and little flakes of the pastry.

Something i would do differently is maybe have a little more of the picture blurred an d have a really nice crisp shot of the pastry and the sausage


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