For my main dish it was the brownie and i covered the top of the brownie with the garnish because i didn’t like how the top turned out.

For my sauce i used caramel sauce and to add a little something to make it interesting i added a few drops of chocolate sauce.

My garnish was a little different because i really liked he classic raspberries and mint leaves but it didn’t stand out against the brownie and the caramelized sugar well enough so i added a bloop of whip cream.

My crunch was caramelized sugar that was shaped like a bowl but ended up being just a pile of broken pieces for the brownie to sit on.
I had a goal of the brownie looking like something you would get at a five star restaurant, with the bowl of sugar a warm brownie drizzled in caramel sauce and topped with a nice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I had two make two major changes to my dish, the first was my crunch i had made a bowl made out of melted sugar and as i went to put it on my plate i must of did it too hard and it broke into a lot of pieces and i had to use it some how so i piled all the pieces into a circle and put the brownie on top to hid most of the sugar. The second thing i had to change was my garnish, the caramel was suppose to be circles getting smaller in size the further away you got from the brownie but it had ran together to make a connected oddly shaped cylinder. I was thinking how to fix it and i saw putting a few drops in the caramel and joining them together from a nail art tutorial and i ended up liking it.


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