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Berry Tart by Guru Images

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The Photographer was really smart in using the red raspberries and the light-colored filling that contrasts the napkins. the colors are very calming and your eyes are not over simulated with a bunch of different colors and textures.The green complements the red  You can imagine the light filling fresh raspberries and the crumbly crust.

Shape: The shape that is persistent is circle. the raspberries are a smaller circle laying on top of a bigger circle. And the icing sugar is even in little circles. The photographer probably used circles because they compliment each other when they are different sizes. looking at the photo you eyes automatically go straight to the raspberries then you see the icing sugar sitting on top of the tart. And the way the tart is sitting on the napkin. The way that the tart waves adds dimension to the photo and creates just the right amount of shadows.

Space: The way the berries are placed on top  of the tart, they are not bunched so they look crowded. The tart takes up most of the space in the photo. There is also some overlapping in the photo as we see the berries on top of the tart and the tart on the napkin, and as we look the napkins is the biggest then the tart then berries.

Texture: The textures of the berries are smooth with some little hairs on it. Where the filling is probably smooth and creamy with no lumps in it. and the tart crust itself is a little rough but it crumbles in your mouth.

Value: The patches of red are darker in some places on the raspberries then others Same with the crust there is some dark patches but also the same amount of light patches. so the darks and lights are balanced very well in the photo.

Colour: The two main colours in this photo is the green and red they are complimentary on the colour wheel that is why they go so well together.. the filling is in between the green and yellow scale were the raspberries are a bright red .All the colours are in the lighter category except the raspberries.

Line: You have two dominant lines in this photo. The tart is a nice wavy line through out the photo. And the napkins are straight lines. were the filling of the tart is a straight line in some places but other places it kinda has a little curve in it.


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The photographer was really smart at getting down to look at this sandwich a different angel then we would see it because it adds more depth to the photo.

Line: There is no straight line in this photo we get some wavy lines from the spinach and the crust of the sandwich. And the dried tomatoes of a bunch of different lines in it, and the cheese is round lines.

Shape: We have a few different shapes in this photo. We have a rectangle that is the bread and the spinach is a deformed oval and the tomatoes are similar shape to a cylinder. They all go together well and captures your eyes.

Colour: The spinach and the dried tomatoes go so well together they compliment each other very nicely and make it appeal to your eye. And the egg and bread are very light colours and they capture your eye when you move around from the tomatoes and spinach.

Texture: We get a lot of texture in this photo. The bread is crispy on the outside then the middle is gonna be soft and chewy. The spinach is Soft with that feeling it is smooth but is also a little harder to bite than other leaves. The tomatoes are gonna be smooth with lines to give you that texture of roughness. And the eggs are gonna be soft and smooth that just slide down your throat. The lines in that greats a rough place to trace but is also smooth.

Space: The majority of the space is taken up by the sandwiches but you have a bunched of space behind it that is blurred so your main focus can be the sandwiches. The sandwiches look bigger than they probably are. but you get to see more detail of the sandwich by seeing them level  on the plate.

Value: As your eyes move right across the sandwich the colours get a little darker from the light, but for the most part the light is bright and not a lot of dark in the photo same with shadowing there isn’t much of that aswell.


Image result for food photography

Line: We get straight lines from the cake to the icing drizzled on top of the pieces, and the leaves on the strawberries. and the lines of chocolate dripping down the strawberry. And we also get Some round lines from the strawberries and the little spot of chocolate sitting under the strawberry.

Shape: The first shape we see are two triangles wich is the two pieces of the cake and the two strawberries in the middle are also a triangle mixed with a little circle. Then we have a sphere and circle for the remaining two strawberries. And the leaves of the strawberries are also mini triangles.

Colour: The amount of dark chocolate that coats the cake with the little bit in the middle really sands out because of the white icing drapped across the two pieces, and so it wasnt just dark and light colours they added strawberries because the leaves compliments the berry and the berry comliments the leaves very well. And all of this on the crisp white place makes the whole picture look sharp.

Space: the space is really full and it is appealing to the eye because the main focus isn’t in the middle but on the sides wich is called rule of thirds, it makes your eye wonder around to see what else there is and other than the red strawberries and the crisp white plate there is really nothing or a lot of wasted space.

Value: If you move your eyes from left to right you will start off with a lot of shadowing but as you move along the photo the shadows become less and the light start to come out more and more till you get to the brown chocolate instead of the almost black chocolate on the side of the one piece. the ratio of light and dark is very contrasting and the range of dark to light is the prefect amount


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